ROVE | Destination collaborates with beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle bloggers.

Think of content creators as part of your creative team. Collaborate with our community of creators to produce a library of branded content for use across all your marketing channels.

Our creator community, vetted for content creation ability, are experts in producing high-quality content that they know will appeal to your target audience. 

Assets can be produced to align with your brand’s top-level media strategy, optimized for any platform, and licensed for use across digital and non-digital media channels.


ROVE builds meaningful relationships between brands and creators. We enable your brand to be seen at scale across digital; driving growth and guaranteed success.

Our purpose is to Make Waves; an idea seeded in the fact that our creators tell stories that build human connections, which set off waves of influence. These waves of influence become our data layers, from which we measure the impact. Our clients and creators make waves, we measure the impact.




Partner with content creators and harness their influence. Creators are experts in producing content they know will make an impact on their followers, your target audience.

Get our network of creators discussing your brand with their highly engaged communities today.

Basic Plan

$1800 / month

100K to 200K Pageviews

Advanced Plan

$3000 / month

200K to 500K Pageviews

Spokesperson Plan

$5000/ month

500K to 1M Pageviews

Need something else?

We’re happy to customize a package for you.