Why should you work with ROVE | Destination team? 

Because we are cool to work with. Having more than one pro working on your project gives you more creative options. Our multi-award-winning creative team has experience in social media marketing. ROVE produces large-scale projects that were introduced as study cases in Canada, Central America, Europe, and Mexico.



Let us aid you in lowering the communication barriers that stand in the way of different cultures. Language is a gift we're pleased to share.

For a document to be translated/revised, ROVE carries out research on background information (e.g. learn about the company/brand/campaign in question) and at the same time pay attention to commonly used terms in both languages to ensure guaranteed accuracy, style, correct use of terminology and consistency with existing materials if available. 

The existing translation to be revised is reviewed thoroughly by checking the language target against the English source for accuracy, consistency, style, and suitability of terminology for the specified purpose.


Let us create the perfect design for your social media to ensure growth. Our packages were designed so that you can get an optimized engagement rate with your community.


Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Custom quote based on needs and complexity.

Basic - $500

1 Month content

  • Profil (re) design (Cover, Bio, Story)

  • 16 posts.


Standard - $750

2 Month content

  • 30m call for a creative brief.

  • Profil design (Cover, Bio, Story).

  • 24 posts (Copy,#) optimized for up to 2 platforms (Fb, Ln, Tw or Pin).


Premium - $1200

3 Month content

  • 1h30 call for a creative brief

  • Profil (re) design (Cover, Bio, Story)

  • 32 posts,(Copy,#) optimized for up to 3 platforms (Fb, Ln, Tw or Pin).

  • Editorial plan

  • Scheduling